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Martian Toxicity
I think it's worth mentioning another problem with terraforming Mars. Earth's rotational axis inclination is fairly stable; it doesn't shift more than 2 or 3 degrees, IIRC. However, the reason for this is probably stabilisation by the Moon; and this doesn't apply to Mars. As a result, Mars's axial tilt is thought to vary from 0 to about 60 deg. However, the rate of this change is in the region of 100,000 to a million years for the full cycle.

Over the ten thousand year history of OA, the change might well be noticeable.
Given OA tech, it would likely be quite doable to use mass-stream based dynamic compression members to 'reset' the planetary axis from time to time. Or the terraformers could gradually re-engineer the ecology to adjust to changing conditions. Or design it to evolve over time to adapt to the changing conditions as the axis moves back and forth.


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