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Something New from Anders - Aestivating Xenosophonts
We have had a few discussions about this paper already on the OA Facebook pages. Stuart Armstrong (one of the co-authors) is a member there.

I intend to add something about this concept to the Diamond Network page, with a link to the paper in the Additional Notes. The Diamond Network may have a number of long term goals in the Universe, not all of which are known to the Sephirotic Civilisations. One long term goal may be to obtain a certain amount of 'real estate', mostly associated with very-long-lived red dwarf stars: they will then defend that territory into the deep future while partially aestivating, until the temperature of the universe becomes cool enough to allow the sort of highly efficient processing described in that paper.

Note that an aestivating civilisation must not abandon real life entirely, otherwise they run the risk of losing any territory they may have obtained in the hot period of the universe (the present day).

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