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Illustrated Backstory Redesign
Just a quick update on this.

I've started modifying the Illustrated Backstory pages as we've discussed on this thread.

So far I've just updated the intro text on each page and plugged the existing Primer in at the end (I still need to update the intro text for the Primer).

Will continue with the process as time permits and post periodic updates on my progress.


Hey all,

The update of the Illustrated Backstory pages is now essentially complete. I plan to eventually combine the Common Terms page into the larger site Glossary, but that will come a bit later.

Please look over the updated section and tell me what you think or if you note any items that need correction, updating, or possibly replacement.

Once these pages are finalized, and since the Illustrated Backstory and Primer are now essentially combined, we can look at replacing the two different links we currently have with a single link to the new combined section.


The link for the Illustrated Back Story is here
I like it. A lot of information on those pages; I like the way you've added a link to the stories as well.
The section on Xenosophonts (page 3) is copied on page 8, but with a different story and different illustrations. Perhaps a section on Megastructures could replace one of the duplicates?

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Given the length of the Backstory pages, it'd be nice if the links to its other pages were present at the bottom as well as the top. I find it a bit annoying/tedious to have to scroll all the way up to the top after finishing with a page. Currently, the only link at the bottom (other than the generic site links) is the link to the full text of the quoted story.
Going to be heading out to walk the dog and then run errands, but will aim to fix both of these issues (and any others that people post on in the interim) either later today or this weekend.

Thanks for the feedback and if anyone has other issues or ideas on this, please post em here.


I've added a copy of the link table to the bottom of each page (I haven't figured out how to incorporate the 'forward' and 'back' buttons yet, but I expect I will fairly soon).
Okay- I've added forward and back buttons now (not quite the same as the ones at the top, but I think they work)
First off - Thanks for your help on this Steve! I could have generated hyperlinks to allow users to go forward and back one page at a time, but have no idea how to create the multi-button structure that you set up. Much nicer Big Grin

Secondly - I've made the following changes to the Backstory. It started out just trying to resolve the doubling up of the Xenosophonts section, and then spread a little beyond that. Specifically:

a) The Singularity Levels section has been moved from page 5 to page 4.

b) The Transapients section has been moved from page 4 to page 5.

c) The Archailects section has been moved from page 6 to page 8, replacing the second Xenosophonts section.

d) A section on Megastructures and Macro-Engineering has been added to page 6, replacing the Archailects section that was moved to page 8.

Ok, I think that covers it for now. Hope you like - and please let me know if you see any issues or errors.



The sentence

Sophont philosophy and cultures were formed, reformed, and remade as sophisticated memetic tools performed their work.

is ambiguous. I suspect it is meant "as ... tools manipulated people's actions." but it could also be taken as "as ... tools labored on people's behalf."

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