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Large Lunar Cave
I believe there is a good amount of evidence of similar structures on Mars, as well; the main one appears to be otherwise unexplainable holes big enough to be seen from orbit.

I think this is one example of why the radiation hazard (often mentioned by anti-space campaigners, who usually prefer the idea of the money being spent on social programmes instead, and that's as political as I'm getting) is one of the least convincing arguments against colonising planets - at least once one has got there.

Far more convincing, IMHO, is the doubt that the surface of planets is the best place to live in the first place. After all, getting out of Earth's gravity well is the energy equivalent of climbing out of a 6000-kilometre-deep hole; it makes little sense to dive down another one immediately.

As far as Mars is concerned, IMHO it would be best to tackle it once there is already major space infrastructure. I suspect that I'm not the first one here to mention this. Smile

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