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A third of Amercans could be secular by 2030

I feel it would decline, but I feel there would some resurgence of these declining religions sometime in the far off future.
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It seems to me that there is a flipside to this. Sure the number of people who are not religious is going up but of those who remain religious there is a growing number who are extreme in their belief. 45% of Americans believe the world is only 10,000 years old, or less. 60% believe Noah's flood actually happened. And to borrow a line from The Newsroom, America really does lead the world in the 'percent of adults who believe angels are real.'
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Another interesting factor in that graph is the slow but sure rise in 'other'; alternative and non-Christian religions are on the rise. Perhaps Cosmism and Universalism will become significant, or even Pastafarianism.
Christian religions in OA
And Universalism, which incorporates elements of the Abrahamic religions
and Islam, which is another Abrahamic faith
We don't have an article about Judaism, but we do have a world or two where there are significant numbers of believers;
also Gnosticism, Alan's particular favourite, which has Judeo-Christian roots

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