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I'm new and I need help posting
Hello, I'm new on this site, and from what I've seen it is amazing. I looked through the 'how to contribute' section and I am still confused, I read the rules, but where do you actually write a contribution? I have an idea for a squid based provolve created in a lab, but I can't put it anywhere until I know how. Please help.
Hi There! Welcome to OASmile

Ideas, new articles, and general discussion about the OA universe all take place here on the forum.

Regarding your article, if you want to post the general idea, get feedback, discuss how to fit your idea into the OA setting, etc., you should use the General Setting Discussion sub-forum. Just start a new thread and explain your idea.

When you actually get to the point of writing up a formal article for the Encyclopedia Galactica - the vehicle which we use to describe the OA setting - you can post it in the Encyclopedia Galactica sub-forum. Again, just start a new thread to do that.

If you have an article already created or feel you are ready to go right to the stage of creating an article, you are welcome to do so. Most people tend to start out just presenting their general idea and discussing it with the membership to get a feel for where and how it would fit into the setting, but there isn't really any formal rule about that.

Hope this helps, and if you have any additional questions about the OA setting, or contributing, or any other aspect of OA, please feel free to post them here or to the relevant sub-forum.

And once again - Welcome to OA!


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