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Book Club (Feb 2018)
Hey all Smile I was thinking that it might be fun to set up a book club. How it could work is that for a week people can post suggestions (perhaps limited to one each to avoid a huge list) with a small review/recommendation. I’ll then edit a poll into the thread and we can vote on what book to read in the second week. Once that’s done a spoiler thread can be made for us to all chat about. Anyone interested?

I’d like to kick it off by recommending Diaspora by Greg Egan. It’s a hard-SF book with a great story. Set in the far future when the solar system is split between virtual, robotic and biological beings. After a major disruptive event reveals that established physics has some serious, dangerous, gaps in its models the various denizens set out in arc ships to seek out answers. Across thousands of years and unimaginable distances new physical models have to be built, against a backdrop of a universe that now seems as hostile and precarious as the world must have for Palaeolithic man.

The big narrative is great and the pursuit of new physics entertaining and fascinating. There’s some really hard science here, especially mathematics, but even if you feel lost the rest of the setting will have you hooked. The lives of the virtual citizens who make up the bulk of the characters are fascinating in of themselves, particularly with how different yet similar they are to ours.
OA Wish list:
  1. DNI
  2. Internal medical system
  3. A dormbot, because domestic chores suck!

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