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(07-12-2014, 07:36 AM)CCostello Wrote: Also, I don't like how they infuse a socio-political slant into their fiction. For instance, their encyclopedia's definition of "anarchism" is anarcho-socialism by default without even lending any degree of consideration to the other schools of anarchism, and then it goes to great lengths idealizing that system.

For the vast majority of its modern history anarchism has been a socialist school of thought. In fact other than anarcho capitalism (which many anarchists don't regard as anarchism at all) what kind of non socialist anarchism is there? What I'm getting at is that I don't think classifying anarchism as socialist is such a bad thing to do given both it's history and majority of current activism surrounding it.

It's also worth mentioning that we have and have had similar definitions for things on OA that need updating. A year or so ago our definition of socialism still described it as a command economy, our communism page still does even though that communism requires a stateless, moneyless and classless society. All communist nations IRL are called such because the communist parties that run them at some point had the goal of bringing about a communist society. In reality all any have managed to do is create oligarchic state capitalist systems.

(07-12-2014, 07:36 AM)CCostello Wrote: Also, I remember reading that Posthuman Studios (the project moderators) take an active stance against "men's rights activists", which I suppose is understandable if the MRAs on the forum are promoting some form of mysogynist hate-speech, but thats fairly harsh because they appear to be a civil rights activist group with relevant arguments and concerns. EP and its community isn't as objective and unbiased as Orion's Arm's.

As an admin here I would oppose any MRM influence. I've read a lot of MRM articles and engaged with proponents online and nothing has indicated to me that they are a civil rights group. They may offer up examples of situations when men suffer for being men (such as prison sentencing) but the majority of the time it is as an attempt to discredit feminism. On top of that the amount of mysogynistic bilge that comes from them discredits any claim to being a civil rights proponent. If someone was serious as to wanting to be an activist to correct injustices against men I have no reason why they would align themselves with MRM groups of all groups.

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