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(07-12-2014, 07:36 AM)CCostello Wrote: Eclipse Phase is fairly comprehensive (I skimmed a huge encyclopedic document of theirs, so I'd have to say probably more so than OA), but doesn't really cover any topics that OA doesn't cover to some extent, so as far as relevancy goes, it isn't like there is a wealth of ideas we can derive from them.

Also, I don't like how they infuse a socio-political slant into their fiction. For instance, their encyclopedia's definition of "anarchism" is anarcho-socialism by default without even lending any degree of consideration to the other schools of anarchism, and then it goes to great lengths idealizing that system. Also, I remember reading that Posthuman Studios (the project moderators) take an active stance against "men's rights activists", which I suppose is understandable if the MRAs on the forum are promoting some form of mysogynist hate-speech, but thats fairly harsh because they appear to be a civil rights activist group with relevant arguments and concerns. EP and its community isn't as objective and unbiased as Orion's Arm's.


As a frequent contributor to the forums before I discovered OA, I can tell you first hand that is absolutely correct.

They give the Luddite, blatantly fascist regime, more sympathy than they do the Planetary Consortium. Why? Because the Consortium consists of Corporations. I guess while our ultimate "bad guy" is either a construct measurable in lightyears that is on a collision course for our galaxy, or the eventual entropic decay of the universe itself; their collective image of the Devil is a board of old, white guys.

How utterly terrifying. (Sarcasm, set to maximum.)

For comparison, you know how Tylansia is viewed by the rest of the galaxy with a kind of soft chuckle and a pat on the head? In EP the Jovian Junta is still a considerable threat if they were ever so inclined to declare war on the transhuman populace.

I've all but been singular in my opinion that, that should be bullshit. Why? Because, again, Singularity is "things man was not meant to know" territory.

Eclipse Phase is diet Transhumanism, no bones about it. With a serious serving of radical hatred and disgust with people sprinkled all over it.

I just want to take a moment to say how appreciative I am of this entire forum's tolerance and academic demeanor. Ironically, I think most of you are, what those on the EP forums think they are.

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