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Roadside Picnic is a good example, though the unseen aliens seem deliberate in their experimentation. Within OA terms, it could be a lost terraforming or sporetech pod, but a deliberate science payload makes sense, too.

Monsters, which I've seen, is a straight-up monsters-vs-human movie compared to Annihilation. (Though the crashed space probe is a similar to the start of Annihilation.) In Annihilation, mutated local animals are a threat twice, but they're a threat at the same level as the original animals and are sort of incidental rather than the primary threat as in Monsters. The real looming threat is the expansion of the mutagenic "shimmer" bubble, which is genetically twisting everything in the field.

Annihilation is deep and thoughtful, but I'm not giving it an unqualified "Go see it!" There's a lot of good movies coming out this year and if you're on a budget I'd save up for something else.
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