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Giving the EG a Bit of a Remodel

Beriah - The World of Creation - in traditional Kabbalah and Hermeticism the second of the four universes that emanated from the En Sof.

Berzerker - Sentient being, whether biont, vec, or ai, psycho-engineered or otherwise psychologically modified for combat, so as to go into a wild fighting or killing rage when triggered by a particular stimulus. Usually the stimulus is a neural implant, although sometimes chemical or metabolic triggers are used.

Beta Arae Volume - Region of space encompassing Beta Arae and nearby worlds. The core of the Utopia Sphere.

Beta Cassiopeiae - Beta Cassiopeiae, a Cinder System, former home to the Children of Caph.

Beyond, The - Popular term for that volume of the galaxy outside of the Terragen Sphere.

Biennial - Any organism or replicator that takes two local years to complete the full life cycle.

Big Five - The five main interstellar development megacorporations of the first Federation period - Truth-Santaya Networks, TakiCorb, Terranova Foundation, K4H, and SecureSpace. In the colonies they were very often a law unto themselves. They eventually merged to become the NoCoZo.

Big Tor Plexus - Major wormhole plexus in the Big Tor system.

Bilatism - Techno-religious style widespread in MPA 6900-7300, centred around extreme evolutionism and the vision of organic growth as the underlying dynamics of civilizations and gods.

Binary - Written in a form that uses only 0s and 1s. A string of bits.

Binerator - A megascale electrical engineering device built around the interstellar plasma flow between unequal size stars in a binary system. The hollow tube like device uses charged plasma particles flowing through it to produce electricity.

Biochauvinism - The prejudice that biological systems have an intrinsic superiority that will always give them a monopoly on self-reproduction and intelligence over aioids and mechanoids. Many radical anthropist and bioprimist groups are biochauvinist to a greater or lesser extent.

Biodegradable - A substance that can be broken down through the normal activity of microorganisms. Many Zoeific, Arcadian, and some Genen, polities have strict guidelines and regulations regarding this.

Biomeso - Biological mesotech; like bionano but on a meso- rather than a nano- scale.

Biomod - A biotech or bioborg augment or mod, especially one that can be easily or relatively easily applied to any biont, bioborg, cyborg, biovec.

Bionanite - An individual bionano unit - a biological/organic nanobot.

Biontogenics - The science and art of creating biont clades, usually from scratch. Such bionts do not necessarily have to look unusual, they may be typical nearbaseline in appearance for example.

Biontogenist - Term given to sophonts - usually transapients but may be superbright/superturing - who create for business, pleasure, or other motives entire biont clades. Biontogenists may be biological ((nano/synano-)bioborg), cyborg, ai, or even virtuals (assuming the latter have the appropriate physical interfaces).

Biopower - In some worlds a system of living solar collectors for powering underground biospheres is employed - e.g. the Zoeific Biopolity and the Arcadians would build such systems when settling an otherwise inhospitable world. The bases are visible only as verdant green smears of shimmering electromoss, with the tunnels far below the surface.

Biospherics - The study, design, construction, and maintenance, of artificial biospheres.

Biota - The totality of living organisms in any natural or artificial biosphere.

Biozone - A rather terrachauvinistic term - the habitable zone around a star; a planet orbiting in this band can have liquid water on its surface, and hence be habitable to terragen life.

Bit - The smallest unit of information a computer or virtual processing system can hold. The value of a bit is 1 or 0.

Bitenic Al - Ex-corporate hyperturing ai that during the First Federation period were involved in a number of controversial provolution experiments, the most successful being the Bitenic Squid Superclade.

Blind Uploading - To upload somebody by scanning their neural patterns and simulating them directly with little or no change.

Bodhicitta - Literally "enlightened mind". The ideal Buddha or bodhisattva state according to some Buddhist sects.

Bolide - A meteor, asteroid, or comet that hits the surface of a planet, usually with catastrophic effect.

Boltzmann Machine - Stochastic neural network systems that are capable of learning hidden structure in data.

Borderliners - Humans having reverted to primitivism because of abuse of cybernetics, nanoids or illicit means; most borderliners obviously have reasons to remain in hiding.

Borg - Generic term for a biont who uses radical bio-organ or cyborg augmentation to modify eir phenotype or body.

Borgism - Popular homosexual Cyborg augmentation lifestyle that became a successful Lunar and Belter clade (the Borgists) during the Interplanetary Age.

Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) - State of matter in which a large number of bosons occupy the same quantum state. All are defined by a single quantum wave function. Has many useful properties and functions including bosers, superconductivity, micro blackholes, and exotic fluid dynamics.

Boser - A matter laser. The stimulated emission of BEC results in bosons marching in coherent phase. Bosers have many uses in energy storage and release and in weapons systems.

Bourgatov Collapse - Another term for a Hyperbolic Denebola collapse.

Bourgatov Slavonic Group - Languages derived from the Slavonic language spoken at Bourgatov. After its destruction many minorities fled and developed their own dialects. Spoken as majority languages in New Siberia in the MPA, and in many minor Outer Volume colonies.

Brain Burn - Solarian slang for suffering severe penalties from improper conduct as imposed by the being's Guide.
Usage - "Him? The drooling one? He wasn't always like that. Brain burn. Word is something to do with too much intellectual pap..."

Breccia - A type of rock that is composed of rough, angular pieces of broken-up, older rocks cemented together. Impact craters produce breccia.
Brecciated meteorite: A meteorite formed from cemented fragments of one or more meteorite types.

Bribe expert - A bribe expert knows the 15 basic ways to profer a payment for semi- or illegal services, as well as most if not all of their fifteen factorial combinations. Often an upload, ai, or alife, due to their flexibility of communication apparati. Mindworker profession.

Bright - A sapient being of S0.3-0.4 toposophic. (hu baseline of IQ 100 is S0.3)

Brown Noise - The sonic equivalent to Brownian Motion; a form of randomness that is the result of cumulatively adding white noise, to yield a random walk pattern. This is useful in formation of self-evolving subsentient and sentient soundscapes.

Brownian Motion - The random movement of small particles suspended in liquid or gas. The motion is caused by unbalanced impacts of molecules on the particle. Some nanites use brownian motion as a power source.

Bruno, Giordano - Old Earth Italian philosopher, poet, and priest who spread the ideas of Copernicus and also taught that there were an infinity of worlds in the universe, and that the stars were other suns. He was executed by the ecclesia of his time (the Catholic Church) for heresy, though whether this related to his cosmological speculations or his theological views is a matter of dispute.

Bubble (astronomy) - A roughly spheroidal shell of interstellar gas blown outward from a star by a stellar explosion or strong stellar wind. Large bubbles are caused by supernova explosions and contain gas that is much hotter but also much more diffuse (about one atom per cubic cm) than that of the surrunding interstellar medium. These are also called loops.

Buddha - In Buddhism and many other religions and memetics based on or inspired by it, one who is awakened, enlightened; one who is spiritually awakened, who has transcended limits of the relative self and attaiined to the true nature of reality.

Buddhabrain - An ISO, moon-node, jupiter-node, or nebula brain that has attained a state of holistic Enlightenment.

Buddhai - An enlightened ai (generally hyperturing or above), a transapient Mind that has transcended all toposophic levels, and indeed all phenomenal existence.

And that takes care of the B's.


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