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You know, when I woke up 10 hours ago I never had a clue I'd end today registering on this board and having a ticklish desire to contribute something directly to the universe, but here I am. I've been lurking on the Encyclopaedia Galactica since 2011, almost since the time I discovered my fascination with transhumanism in general. Although I developed my interest in writing shortly afterwards, and the atmosphere of OA posseses something deeply magnetic to my taste, it never occurred to me that I could join up with the project, and later on I felt that my writing skills weren't sufficiently developed.

But it's been seven long years since then, and after serendipitously stumbling into the Discord earlier I accidentally became a little entangled with the community, which to my surprise seems to be a fair size. Surprisingly, an idea came to me for a potentially new clade and here I am, with a strange psychological sense of obligation to start researching and writing for it.

So, hi.
Hi There,

Welcome to OA!

Hi, welcome Tanager! I hope you enjoy your stay. Smile
Don't feel in the obligation of writing if you don't want.
What are your favourite sections of the project?

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