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Suggestion - Modosophont Illustration Page
So, the recent discussion on modosophont capabilities got me thinking...

One way to better illustrate modosophont abilities and general differences from RL humans might be to take a more illustrative approach.

Perhaps a simple drawing (even just an outline) of a male and female nearbaseline with different parts of their bodies highlighted with call outs describing the added abilities or augmentations an 'average' neb in the setting has.

So a call out might point to the woman's head and have a brief mention of DNI implants with a link to the article on that. Another might point to the man's groin and mention that nebs have been gengineered to have total control of their fertility. And so on and so forth.

There would probably not be enough room to touch on every single augment and gengineered bit, but we could lay out the 'top X' and then have links to all the articles on augments and gengineered bits and such on the same page somewhere. This would put all the articles on the same general subject (nearbaseline improvements and augment tech) in one place for quick reference. Note that this wouldn't mean moving all the articles away from their current locations, just adding links to a new place for quicker reference.



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