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Suggestion - Modosophont Illustration Page
It's quite honestly a matter of copy and paste, then a color change and a shift of features in Adobe Illustrator, so the number of nearbaselines that can be used is pretty much as many as needed. 20 is perfectly reasonable.
-underwear takes 30 seconds to draw, so complete nudity can be covered.
-i'm guessing most of the modifications can be combined with almost any one of one another.
-the line between a tweak, a cyborg, and a nearbaseline can be blurry.

Features/ Modifications that won't be seen:

-adapt eyes to see in a variety of spectrums
-nano-immune system (how many kinds?)
-enhanced smell (different nose shape?)
-enhanced hearing
-gene therapies for....better oxygen use? better muscles?
-a variety of intelligence augmentations (genetic, etc)

Features that will be seen

-height (increased and decreased)
-color-changing skin/ chromataphores
-skin color changed to..any color?
-artificial limbs (how many possibilities?)
-interactive tatoos
-increased body hair
-DNI implants
-change gender
-change genitals

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