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Suggestion - Modosophont Illustration Page
(08-08-2013, 12:25 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: I'll see about starting to pull together a list of augments and other fun things for us to consider for this. Any suggestions are most welcome, for augments, genemods, personal gadgets, etc.


A few thoughts:
*less tangible 'innovations' and 'technologies' like better-desiged languages, learning techniques, eating habits, life practices,or 'healthier' cultures/ memetic technologies are not pictured or noted.
-from what I understand of the setting, clades are not necessarily distinct, so that terms like cyborg, superior, or tweak could all apply to one individual (whatever that may mean).
-I'm each individual a name, a clade, and a gender, as a general category. There could be more categories for each one, like age, nationality, religion, occupation or other considerations, but for simplicities sake (though I do not want to simplify these individuals too much) I only have three categories. These diagrams are focused on the physical aspects and augmentations anyway. Personality and other 'intangibles' are later possible considerations.

Any augmentation that is genetic or generally unseen feature is very easy to add, because it will only need to be represented by a callout.

..from what have i got in my pocketses thread
* Minibots
* Genesticks
* Synsects
] Nanoflex [/url]
*Pocket Nanoforge
*Direct Neural interface
-allows contact with the known net, Virtual reality, local Mind(s), techno-leptathy, translation abilities,
*many varieties of drone technology
*jewelry or clothing that acts as a personal assistant.
*reality authenticator
*Personal Swarms, and devices or implants to control them
*drug stick
*'invisibility cloak' (in the visible spectrum) for fashion purposes. (very easy to draw Smile
*smart-device with a screen for showing maps, known net interfaces, simple games...a more advanced smartphone (not everyone wants one in their body).
*'keys' for personal identification

*interactive (sometimes glowing) tattoos form part of a direct neural interface, or other kind of interface.
*mind backup implants
*medical nanoimmune system
*diseases and genetic disorders (whatever that could mean) screened in the womb
*self-repairing, color and texture altering clothing.
*augmented pituitary gland for secreting hormones in a more controlled manner
*Heightened/augmented senses
-sight across UV, 'visible', infrared, microwave parts of the spectrum. Adjustable night vision, focus, depth of field, .
-telescopic and microscopic vision
-more accurate hearing across more ranges of frequency,
-increased or decreased sensitivity to touch
-smell and taste expanded and strengthened.
-better proprioception, added Magentoception: (the ability to detect magnetic fields), Equilibrioception (allows you to sense balance, acceleration, gravity), etc.

*pharmaceutically changed gender
*skin color altered
*dyed hair
*Chromataphores in skin allow supreme, localized control over skin colors
*life periodic extension treatments
*cybernetic muscles and artificial body frame for increased strength.

-increased (or decreased) analytical, spatial reasoning, empathy, processing speed, executive functioning, memory, sensory processing, etc.
-AI helper implant
-extra 'computronium'/ processing space added elsewhere in the body.

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