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Suggestion - Modosophont Illustration Page
About the presentation of these:
In the cases of large differences of scale, like when showing nephilim and a baseline human together, the callouts would be distracting. However, when placing 3 together (as opposed to the current 4 or 5), callouts might be more appropriate. Attached is the finished Goliath Sheet. That's the format i'll use, I think.
but, if it would helpful, I can show 1 individual per image, and have more than a name, clade and gender.

Note: As I think I mentioned, The drawings were not finished quite yet, so it will probably be necessary to change the images again to avoid having messy diagrams with unfinished callouts. Also, some of the text might not currently be legible. These images are vectors, and so can be made at any scale with geometric clarity. I've been showing screenshots, because they're a smaller file size.
the Nephilim-Nisse scale comparison could be considered finished, I suppose.

Here's a progress sample of the dolphin provolves (attached).
(most information taken from this and related articles)

The dolphins, elephants, and other provolves give an interesting problem of where to put hand-tech. I chose to give most of the dolphins two biological arms, usually behind the fins- just because they might be more dependable (they don't need to be manufactured) in case of complete disaster. Maybe i'm wrong.
Callouts can be added.

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