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Suggestion - Modosophont Illustration Page
Clade Lauro

Clade Tro'el

Clade Dogmen


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All very nice images. Arik. I enjoy the extra details you add to each image; they give plenty of interest to the individual drawings.
I'm loving these pictures! They're really adding to my view of the setting Smile well done! I especially love the giant clades.
Here's an overview of (mostly) near-baseline descended bionts..

Possible placement if it were to go anywhere...(doesn't need to replace any images, necessarily)

Population: some notes on

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Very nice! I really like this lotsSmile

Thank you so much for doing all these Arik!!

I think Biont would be a good places for the last image.
(10-26-2013, 02:41 PM)kch49er Wrote: I think Biont would be a good places for the last image.

I've been enjoying this all a great deal, and am looking forward to more (for instance, some treatment of the ape and monkey provolves).

So far these are almost exclusively humanoids, so while this excellent collection could go on the biont page I don't know that this particular set should be at the head of it. After all, a lot of OA's bionts are not at all human-shaped. Perhaps in two places? One at the head of the section on humanoid, and one as part of the biont pages (with, I hope, another more extensive collection on the biont page).

Great stuff!

Clade Mawas

and one possible lifestyle for a character..
Maybe it needs to be more complete..

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As always I think the images are fantastic, can't state that enough Smile they're really good for the setting.

Been watching a lot of a particular anime lately and had an idea for a new type of modosophont; a human with an exoskeleton. Could look something like this. I don't have much time lately (which is why my contributions have mainly been small pieces) and have a list of things I want to write so this wouldn't be created for a while. But I thought it was such a cool (and cool looking) idea I'd throw it out there for if anyone wants to write it up and/or create some images Smile
I notice that Arik's Calebs all have highly visible sclera (whites of the eyes); this is an excellent touch. Human eyes have visible sclera, unlike most mammals; this helps us to communicate mood and indicate the current focus of one's attention to our fellow humans.

Note how the visible sclera in these dogs makes them look hyper-alert, nervous, even. I wonder if baseline animals think that humans look unusually nervous because of our visible eye whites.

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