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Adding Forum Threads to Dev Notes for EG articles?
So, this notion popped into my head today and figured I'd see what others thought of it:

What if we were to add a link in the Development Notes section to the relevant forum thread(s) in which a given EG article was developed/revised/discussed?

On the pro side, we have had a fair number of people express an interest in seeing how a particular article was developed or what we were thinking/what theories or math were in play at the time when we came up with a given idea or the like. Having links to the relevant threads would provide an easy way to locate that information, whether to satisfy someone's curiosity or if questions arise about the accuracy or currency of a given article over time.

On the con side, this would be one more thing to remember to add to a given article and I'm not sure if non-forum members would be able to read the relevant threads (not that joining the forum is particular difficult). If we were to ever switch to a totally new forum for some reason (something we have no plans to do at this time), presumably the existing links would either stop working permanently or would need to be re-established to the relocated archives on whatever new platform we moved to. And it would be something that would start from the present or near future, leaving lots of articles lacking such links.

So, thoughts on this?

I think it would be a reasonable thing to try. In addition to helping to organize the reasoning behind various decisions, t also might attract contributions from more people.
I think people non logged in the OA forum will be unable to follow the forum links. When i browse in the OA forum.
If i enter a subforum that needs me to be logged i can't see the content of that subforum.

On the other hand, it is an interesting idea.

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