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I guess I should post an introduction here. I'm just a guy who's been into Orion's Arm on and off since about 2009, and I only just recently decided to join the forum for some reason Undecided
Hi There - Welcome to OASmile

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the setting or the OA project, please feel free to ask (either on the forum, or by PMing an Admin, or by using the Contact Us feature on the website (whichever you prefer). We're always happy to help bring a new member up to speed.

If you'd like to jump in on any of the ongoing discussions, or would like to start a fresh thread/discussion on some element of OA that interests you, or to present an idea you'd like considered for addition to the OA setting, you are welcome to do so.

Hope this helps, and once again - Welcome to OA!


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