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How difficult is the transition to multi-cellular life?
As a rough guide for OA purposes, we might say that around one star in every four hundred has a life-bearing planet and about one life-bearing planet in every thousand has macroscopic life (including but not limited to 'eukarytoid' lifeforms) while the rest are microbial or protobiotic.

Of the planets with macroscopic life about one in fifty have developed a civilisation of some sort at some time in its history. There are about a billion stars in the Terragen Sphere, so that means about 50 unique instances of civilisation (not counting colonies). Currently we have about fifty extant and extinct xenosophonts in the setting, so we probably don't want to introduce any more.

I think we might already have a rough estimate of this kind somewhere on the site, and the details might be somewhat different to the ones given above- does anyone know if this is the case? If so we might need to adjust the estimate slightly- over time we have gradually added more xenos to the list, mostly extinct ones, and this means we need to change the estimates as well.

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