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Room temperature superconductivity at 1 atm
I wouldn't say this is confirmed, reported yes but it appears that paper has not been accepted anywhere as of yet for peer review, at least not that I could find in the last ten minutes. What I did manage to find is that this Professor has been claiming similar things since at least 2013:

Quote:Meanwhile, Yasushi Kawashima of Tokai University in Japan claims to have produced room-temperature superconductivity by soaking HOPG in n-heptane or n-octane, packing the flakes into a small hollow ring made from PTFE and inducing a current within the graphite.4 Kawashima says that the current did not decay for 50 days and that measurements showed that ‘the resistance of these samples decreases to less than the smallest resistance that can be measured with a high resolution digital voltmeter’. He concludes that the results ‘suggest that a room temperature superconductor may be obtained by bringing alkanes into contact with a graphite surface’.

Obviously it would be great if true (aside from the fact that graphene can do anything but leave the lab) but it doesn't seem to have any independent verification as of yet.
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