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Is this what technotelepathy will be like?
Kind of yes, though there would undoubtedly be filters (improving over time) that would catch errant thoughts. Plus cyberimmune defences against hostile, malicious or disturbing thoughts.

One aspect of technotelepathy that we should probably explore is that symbolic associations are idiosynctatic. By that I mean that the thoughts, feelings and associations we have between things are different from one another, sometimes significantly. I might send "apple" because I'm trying to convey the concept of the fruit, but you might more strongly associate the symbol with the company. This happens in spoken language all the time but in technotelepathy feedback loops would form during interactions where differences in symbolic association cause the sender to transmit more information. This is unlikely to be instantaneous, at least for a biont mind, but way faster than speaking.

A consideration of using this technology is it can be a bit of a slippery slope to a group mind. A lot of people using it all the time will result in their symbolic associations bleeding into each other, averaging out or some becoming dominant. This is really no different qualitatively to conventional communication but the quantitative increase creates a significant difference. For that reason some people/cultures may limit technotelepathy to emergencies, special occasions (i.e. a nationwide consensus debate) or the odd instances they need to convey a complex topic precisely.
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