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Is this what technotelepathy will be like?
(07-26-2018, 01:51 AM)tmazanec1 Wrote:
We must prevent this future!

I don't actually this sort of thing would be likely, at least in an early implementation of this tech.

I would suspect that early 'technotelepathy' would more likely be more similar to a cell phone in your head than being literally linked mind to mind with another person. At least barring some massive breakthrough in understanding how the brain works and it turning out that it works in a way that would make this sort of thing pretty easy. The story also ignores the idea that if you can write a story about this, others could think of this as a potential problem and take steps to prevent it before the tech was rolled out.

Although I don't know if it ever made it into an actual EG article, the OA group has discussed early DNI before and IIRC the conclusion was that it would likely work by linking into the optic and auditory nerves, rather than directly into the brain. Later, more advanced versions would link more directly, and by Y11k we things like skill modules and knowledge downloads 'knowsense' and 'conceptication' and 'totalrecalls' and group minds in various flavors, all of which require a deep connection to the brain and a pretty much total knowledge of how it encodes information to work. But all of that required a lot of R&D and improvements in the state of the art over time, and even in Y11k a lot of it probably actually works more like the modern Internet or power grid or the like where there is quite a lot of infrastructure and baked in know how operating behind the scenes to allow the end user to operate things quickly, easily, and more or less seamlessly. Put another way, your laptop or smart phone don't operate as fully standalone devices, even though they are made to appear that way to you. The same principle might very well apply with these techs in the setting.

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