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Tips for writing and worldbuilding
Neat articlesSmile

Thinking about it, I think we do a pretty good job avoiding most of the deadly sins, with the possible exception of 6 and 7. Six because we need more stories and Days in the Life and such to really handle that bit and a lot more or much bigger ones to really come close to giving a sense of the entire scope of the setting (or at least more of it). Seven because although we list out vast numbers of technologies and cultures and groups and everything else, we don't have a lot of descriptions of how it all (or some significant chunk of it) plays together. Again, this would be helped by more stories or similar things.

Hmm. This sort of gives me an idea...

For the other 'sins', I think we do OK, although the nature of the project makes it a continuously evolving thing so if we have some element left out, its not like it won't ever be added.

Anyway, just my perspective. What do others think?


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