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Home AI-mediated nanofacturing pages
I was directed to a thread that hasn't been updated in fourteen months. I'm assuming you'd rather me start a new thread for this, rather than append it to the end of that one.

That said.
There are three pages covering home AI-mediated nanofabs, which overlap to a very large degree.

Nanofab/Nanofac Models   This one is the most comprehensive. It includes much of the other two toward the end.

Genie  These lower two are practically the same article in different words, but with this one being more general in subject,..but then giving significant article width to a single politys' version.

Genius Locus (House Fab) These last two are essentially identical in substance, differing mostly in language, with this one focusing on one politys' version, but still mentioning the more general kind.

It might be appropriate to incorporate in the Santa Clause machine article, too.
If we do this consolidation, we should redirect the links that go to the initial pages to the consolidated page.

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