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Suggestion: (IG) We're having technical difficulties. Please stand by...
Dear Encyclopedia Galactica users and editors.
On Brahae 10, last year, we suffered a severe databreach to one of the databases on one of our satellite campuses. During this breach, a large number of articles were erased or modified to a point where their contents did not align with reality. We do not know the motives, if any, or the identity, of the perpetrator or perpetrators. Nor do we know eir toposophic level.

Unfortunately, this breach went undetected for over one calendar year, and in the interim, the "corrections" were propagated throughout our system, overwriting presumably accurate backups of the data with bad. Additional, detected, attacks on many of the other campus database stores, caused us to reduce our trust on those copies, which then led them to being overwritten by the, then presumed, "good" backups. In hindsight, it is now obvious that the additional attacks were intended to cause us to do just that.

We have taken further steps to prevent this type of event in the future. Please bear with us as we comb through our personal files for the lost and altered data, and in some cases, as we recreate original research to rebuild the older articles from scratch.

Thank you for your consideration and patronage.

The Editors
Encyclopedia Galactica Institute
Ken Ferjik, Negentropy Alliance

P.S. If you have copies of our data, please do not contact us to offer them. At this point, we have to assume that any such copies, which have left our control, are similarly corrupted.

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