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Suggestion: (IG) We're having technical difficulties. Please stand by...
(09-27-2018, 06:43 AM)Rynn Wrote: Not a bad idea Smile I think we can go further though, an attack on the institute itself seems like it would be more of an issue (we'd have to either state the institute isn't Keter protected or imply it's under attack from a high archai backed effort) so instead a disclaimer that not all data can be verified as not being subject to memetic attack/data corruption would be good. Afterall sillybyes of data is constantly streaming in from all over the terragen sphere. A lot of it would be deliberately manipulated or accidentally corrupted.

Where are you suggesting we put a disclaimer like this?

Best would be an IC/OOC message where it can be read by people visiting the site. So some variation of the above,  followed by an Out of Character mention that the website is undergoing revisions, both to the canon and to the underlying CSS, and that not all of the articles are up to date with the current canon, with one or the other message placed in a box to separate it from the rest of the page. Since the articles themselves are written IC, I'd suggest the OOC message be so indicated.

It would be easy to replace the "Nor do we know eir toposophic level." with "All we can be certain of at present is ey eiither were, or had the backing of, a being of Toposophic level S6."
Besides, I already realized that the first line should be changed. "Dear Encyclopedia Galactica users and contributors."

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