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Suggestion from the Inbox: Biohistorical Zooeum

About a week ago we received a message via the Contact Us button on the website:

Message: Could you go into more detail on the biohistorical zooeum

A bit of research leads me to think that this person is referring to the mention on this page.

I will say that IMHO this is a fun idea from the early days of the OA project that hasn't really been developed much, although I think we've nibbled around the edges with passing references to things that might be zooeums in all but name.

Anyway, I've responded to the author of the message saying that I would pass their request on to the forums with the idea that someone might feel inspired to expand on it, presumably turning it into an article in its own right, or a series or articles, or whatever.

I've also told them that they are welcome to join the OA forums/Discord and work with us to develop this idea into an article(s). I said that is actually our preferred way of doing things (because it is) and that we are a friendly bunch that can help them develop and write up their idea.

Upshot of all this:

a) If you feel inspired to take this idea and run with it, feel free.

b) If this person joins the OA community and indicates they would like to develop this idea or work with us to develop it, please make them feel welcome (ok, I know you willBig Grin) and help them as we do.


I've often considered making a botanical zoeum - or at least a specialist garden, only using plants that evolved before the Jurassic period. So, ginkos, seedferns, monkey puzzles, certain other conifers, agave, but no grasses. A Cretaceous palaeogarden would include some angiosperms such as magnolias and wingnuts, while a Carboniferous garden would require giant clubmosses and horsetails that do not exist in the modern world, but presumably OA tech could recreate them.

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