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Total Annihilation
Total Annihilation was a real time strategy game developed for Windows and released on Sep 30, 1997. Played this more than a decade ago but still prefer it over many modern games. Now willing to share it because there are too many similarities between OA and this game. If you like the former, you will love the latter. Cool

The graphics are just OK, The camera is facing north at 75 degrees, the terrain is 2D with elevation data, like a topographic map, but objects are fully 3D.

The only voice you ever hear is that of the narrator's, and the story is pretty much straightforward.

So, what makes it so great? It's the gameplay, the setting, and the soundtrack.

If you don't like old games or something then read the following. Otherwise: It's too old to be sold, or for the developer to mind it, so just get a bittorrent client and pirate it right away! Big Grin There are a couple of expansion packs, too. Unmissable.

The story is about mankind, at least four thousand years in future, warring over whether they should leave their flesh bodies or not. This has split them into two factions:
Arm: stationed in the arm of the galaxy, have an Earthlike planet as their homeplanet, and dedicated to cloning.
Core: stationed near the core of the galaxy, have a large metal sphere as their homeplanet (most likely a Matrioshka Brain) and dedicated to patterning (consciousnesses transfer to machine and copying).

There are nanofabrication, von neumann machines, antimatter and plasma weaponry, occasional and hostile non-humanoid aliens, and FTL (via two "Galactic Gates", think of wormholes).

It's also very diverse. You get a selection of many, many unit types, from spiderbots to submarines, from laser towers to nuclear missile silos, and from wind generators to landmines. There are many planets to visit, too, From young, volcanic planets to dense swamp jungles to ocean planets.

You play as a giant humanoid robot that has to build an army from scratch every time it arrives at a new world, and stay an average of three missions on the same planet.
Dodgy The problem?
The ignorant and the bigoted are full of confidence and determination,
The educated and the wise are full of doubt and indifference.
I never played TA but when I saw the ideas for Planetary Annihilation it peaked my interest. Really looking forward to that game and having entire solar systems to fight over.
I loved TA Smile Especially the little touches like how the buildings would raise protective barriers when attacked that would also prevent them working e.g. solar panels covering themselves in armour plates.

Planetary Annihilation looks great but it's a shame I've got a crappy laptop with no real gaming capability.
Personally I don't have high hopes for PA because it looks like it's made by a bunch of Gas Powered Games outcasts to milk the TA and Supreme Commander fans.
One more thing: the fanfic for TA has some really inspiring literature.
Dodgy The problem?
The ignorant and the bigoted are full of confidence and determination,
The educated and the wise are full of doubt and indifference.
Just read the above thread and seems very knowledgeable so appreciate more..Thanks

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