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MagHydrogen as Dark Matter?
I was watching Isaac Arthur's video, from Season 2, on Dark Matter. In it, he mentions the key theories for what comprises Dark Matter.

I had a wild hair. What are the chances of mag-hydrogen being the Dark Matter?

I mean, in-setting, magmatter is mostly non-reactive with normal matter, such that you have to bond it to a magnetic element, (and bond a magnetic mag-matter element at that,) in order to do much with it. It does destroy matter, in setting, if they cross, but that's been thrown around for awhile, with the current version being less destructive than the earlier version when bound into something resembling atomic matter. This, to me, suggests there may be enough more play that it could be completely non-interactive.
Further, my, admittedly, limited understanding would have pretty much nothing but hydrogen forming from the Big Bang itself, with the heavier elements being the result of stellar death since then. If mag-hydrogen failed to fuse, there'd not being any mag-stars, so there'd be no mag-helium, or mag-iron either.

Basically, does this fit?

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