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(11-20-2018, 12:54 PM)sandcastles Wrote: "If pieces broke off, and were attracted by gravity to recombine, the overall shape would tend toward spherical."

And `Oumuamua is not at all spherical, and its gravity is far weaker than Earth's.  The pieces being dragged toward the center might be keeping their non-spherical shapes.  I'll agree a tractor is not a likely shape, but maybe a pincushion or a starfish.  If it can be shaped like a cigar, like most images show, then maybe it can be shaped like a spoon.  Or a fork.

I'll admit, I haven't done the math on it.

I know that object isn't spherical. I can only surmise that, if it's not artificial, it was part of something larger once. Possibly a rapidly cooled plume from a meteor strike into something molten? Maybe something molten that was being stretched out by tidal forces, as it disintegrated in the orbit of some large body, when the large body was ejected, leaving it an orphan and cooling faster than gravity could pull it back together?
This is all the speculation of someone who knows he's a layman in this area.

If any part broke off, it'd either orbit the thing around its center of mass, wherever that was, or it'd clump close to its center of mass. It would not fuse back alongside, away from the center of gravity, unless there was an outside force acting on it to make that happen.

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