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Help with understanding some stories in Against a Diamond Sky?
I am fairly new to Orion's Arm, I was introduced to it through coming across Darren Ryding's Queen of Pain stories. I don't come from a background of hard science fiction or anything, I just enjoy good stories, anything from Tolkien to comic books. After reading Darren's stories I spent many hours reading through the Orion's Arm encyclopedia and gained an appreciation for the true vastness of the universe depicted in the project, as well as through external research beginning to understand popular concepts used in this type of fiction such as nanotechnology. 

I bought the book "Against a Diamond Sky" and so far read two of the stories in it, "Apotheosis" by Kevin Schillo and "The Devoted Follower" by Darren Ryding. I would sometimes need to stop to look something up on the Orion's Arm website to fully understand a concept or setting (or else seek out some basic knowledge in some sort of scientific concept) however I thought these were both absolutely incredible, they left me in awe and wishing that they wouldn't end. 

I have began reading a third story from the book, "Parameter Space" by Graham Hopgood. It seems as if it it will be just as great as the other two, however due to my lack of knowledge I am finding almost all of it really difficult to understand and I'm not sure where to start in terms of understanding this one. I wish there was some sort of detailed online synopsis for dummies I could regularly check as I read it but unfortunately due to it not being mainstream content, there is not.

Can anyone assist me with gaining understanding of this story or perhaps in general in my quest to continue reading Orion's Arm fiction?


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