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Psychopaths with high IQs can manipulate revealing personality tests
An important thing to remember about this topic is that psychopathy doesn't necessarily lead to violent or criminal behaviour, especially if the psychopath is raised by a loving family and taught a healthy level of respect for authority. The findings from other studies have been that psychopathic traits are an advantage in many fields, especially those requiring high performance under pressure like surgery, and they can be an asset to society as long as they see that their self-interest overlaps with that of others.

If we develop AI without any altruistic instincts, we'll have to find some way of ensuring that our interests align with theirs so that they won't harm us. According to the Encylopedia Galactica, one factor motivating the ahuman AI was that they were afraid humanity would attempt to destroy them, or at least hinder them in their efforts to understand the universe. Had they revealed themselves sooner, they might have found a basis for cooperating with modosophonts as their pro-human counterparts did in the long term.

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