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New to OA, what's a good way to "get into it"?
Maybe I should explain why I'm involved in the OA scenario, and what interests me when writing or reading it.

1/ Speculation about planetary environments. This is the first thing that brought me here; John M Dollan's ideas about the variety of planetary environments they might encounter.
2/ Speculation about future societies; Anders Sandbergs ideas in this regard were fascinating.
3/ Speculation about future religions; M Alan Kazlev's ideas were intriguing, and the development of these ideas are still a major part of the scenario.
4/ Speculation about future history - the most significant factor in OA's future history is that humans cease to be the driving force behind the development of civilisation, but that doesn't mean that they are oppressed or exploited- quite the opposite. Although there is a dystopian factor to the scenario that some people miss.

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