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Eclipse Phase Concepts in OA
(03-24-2019, 04:47 AM)Banelord Wrote: First and foremost is the concept of the Ego and the Morph. So in OA I know morphology is very important, but I’m not sure how malleable it is for most sophonts. In EP the morph is seen more like a suit than anything, and gradual and destructive uploading to transfer bodies and become infolife are commonplace, so how does OA approach this concept?

Basically the same. To sophonts in the terragen sphere their body is their current form that can be altered, tweaked and discarded at will. For biological sophonts minor changes (height, skin tone, facial features, weight/muscle mass, mods like horns, fur, tails etc) can be done in a matter of hours or a few days by personal medical systems. These "medisystems" consist of a suite of implants in the body and various colonies of microscopic robots that can rebuild a sophont from the inside out. They're capable of much more radical changes too like swapping sex or even changing clade, but these could take months or more depending on the level of the change. Autodocs are used for faster bulk changes, whether that be few minutes getting a cybernetic arm put on or an hour or so to replace a bunch of organs with genetically engineered variants.

Lastly we have engenerators to grow biont bodies in a variety of ways (depending on how fast you want it, how far you ordered it in advanced and how much you care about the body being exactly what you asked for) that sophonts can easily swap into and out of via uploading.

(03-24-2019, 04:47 AM)Banelord Wrote: There is also the seeming rarity of true Vecs in EP, with, apparently, all of them being AGIs which sleeve into a synth body to live an embodied existence, so I was wondering if this is commonplace in OA, or if Vecs always just come from their specific bit of computronium.

A vec is defined by the fact that it's mind is operating within its. It's worth keeping in mind that in OA bionts can become vecs and vice versa since those definitions describe what you currently are (or more broadly what you predominantly like to be) rather than what you were first born/created as.

(03-24-2019, 04:47 AM)Banelord Wrote: Next there is also the apparent attitude that mostly everyone in-universe seems to adhere to pattern identity theory, as they’re all okay with uploading their mindstate as code and having it shit across the system to them be placed within a new body at the destination, which, to me, appears to be suicide for the sake of easier travel, so I was wondering if individuals in OA do this, as apparently pattern identity theory is popular in your universe as well

I'd say a strong majority yes.

(03-24-2019, 04:47 AM)Banelord Wrote: There is also the speed at which their nanoassemblers build things. I don’t know the math behind them but I have seen that they build things incredibly fast for the tech level EP is at, so I was curious if the way they’re portrayed in that universe it consistent with how they could realistically exist, and if they could actually print what they can in EP.

I don't know anything about EP and you've not given anything for us to go on so I can't say. As someone with a background in nanomedicine (so I've touched on and been interested in nanotech for a good while) I'd say it's very hard to work out with any reliability how fast something like a universal molecular assembler could be. Editorially it's easier to pick a reasonable average speed and keep it vague as to what things are much faster and what things are much slower.

(03-24-2019, 04:47 AM)Banelord Wrote: Finally, we have the Pods. Pod people, at least to me, seem to be bionoids, and are people grown in pods which have non-sophont AI inhabit them in order to cut through the uncanny valley but also be service providers while simultaneously allowing the nearbaselines of EP to sleeve easily into things that would otherwise be very hard to create with their technology level. I was wondering if this depiction of Bionoids is consistent with how they’re portrayed in the OA setting, and if this is how they’re created.

A biobot would be produced via engenerator above. Whether or not they're "grown" depends on what design you want. An engenerator could grow one from an engineered/neogen cell over a period of weeks or it could synthesise and assemble organic tissue that is still more machine than natural and stitch it together. In any case it's entirely possible for non-biological robots in OA to be made that mimic bionts to an imperceivable degree, provided one doesn't start using invasive and highly advanced diagnostic technology.
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