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Just had to share...
This was in Bio part of some bot's profile that was requesting to join the forum.

Before I purged it, I just had to share the text:

I'm a professional academic writer on . We help student who have problems with their academic papers. Many of student feel depressed because of their studies, many of them want to improve their writing skills, many of them want to improve their academic performances. So, our services offer to this students resolve their problems.

This may just be an English Major thing or a 'I write for a living' thing - but I find it both ironic and quite funny that a 'professional academic writer' could manage to cram so many typos and so much incorrect grammar into such a small space - while advertising their servicesTongue

Well - dude might be an awesome writer in his native language.....which clearly isn't English.

A couple years back, I got called a "Son of many bitches" because the non-native speaker didn't know how to amplify the idea of being a "son of a bitch", so he made it plural instead.

I'm betting Mr. Professional Academic Writer is a native speaker of an East Asian language - Maybe Korean...or Japanese. I've seen the exact phrase "Many of student" on a Korean tv broadcast.
Possible, and even plausible. Although when I follow the URL they included, I get a website for a company that appears to be based in the US, at least at first blush.

A bit closer examination turns up that the website can apparently be viewed in 6 different languages - so maybe they have offices in other countries.

Regardless, the irony still tickles my funny bone. Although not enough to slow me down much when I banned their spammer behind Wink


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