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Question about Rocheworld
Could anyone detail the planetary system around Barnard's star in "Rocheworld" from Robert L. Forward?
Way back in the way back I had a copy of this book, which I think included a technical appendix at the back.

I need to head out the door now, but will see if I can hunt it down. Not sure if I still have the book, but we'll see.

Ok, the good news is I found my copy of the book - Although in the version titled Flight of the Dragonfly. It does indeed include an extensive technical appendix at the end, including information about Rocheworld and how it fits into the overall star system.

The even better news is that in the course of my travels I did some research online and found a PDF copy of the book (Rocheworld) apparently available for free (although the interface is a bit clunky, if you type in page 278 into the page number listing it will jump you to the start of the section of the appendix dedicated to Barnard's Star including details about Rocheworld.

Hope this helps,


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