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Second planet candidate found around Proxima Centauri
(03-21-2020, 05:44 PM)QuantumJack1 Wrote: In the current version of Proxima in Encyclopaedia Galactica, there are 1 confirmed planet (Lifthrasir, Proxima b) and 3 fictional planets (Skoll, Hati, Fenris). This version was likely written before the discovery of planet Proxima c. However, Proxima c is similar with Skoll, thus in the thread Proxima Rewrite by The Astronomer, this planet is re-edited in order to match the new discovery. I wonder that when more planets are found around Proxima, how the description will change to adapt the reality.

Orion's Arm is no stranger to editing out entire systems to fit reality. Tau Ceti used to have a completely fictional system before the discovered planets came along. Now that we have 4 known planets, the system was edited accordingly. This should be the same for Proxima and all other real systems.

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