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Travel Through Wormholes is Possible, But Slow
(04-16-2019, 12:18 PM)Drashner1 Wrote: Looking at the article, its not clear whether its leaving a lot of information out on general principles or simply assuming that the audience will know a lot of background information that it's not talking about (in other words is is a popular publication (these often have issues with bad reporting of science) or is it a scientific publication that is assuming that its readership will all 'speak the language' sufficiently that some amount of explanation is not required). I'd also note that in the recent past we've received a couple of other papers that provide additional support for the type or wormholes used in OA.

The bit about not using exotic matter or energy also leads me to wonder if what is being described here is simply another type of wormhole rather than 'the' type of wormhole. The physics model that OA uses in this area actually allows for a huge number of possible types of wormholes, only a fraction of which are traversable.

A superficial skim of the paper seems to suggest the wormhole being described uses a MTK metric ....

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