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<Link> HALO DRIVE: Could We Use Black Holes for Space Travel?
One of the things I need to try and get a better handle on in this paper (unless one of you fine people can beat me to itSmile ) is that it is mentioned that the system can accelerate a ship up to a max of 133% of the BHs velocity. I'm not really clear on what that is supposed to mean.

133% of its velocity through space? Of its rotational velocity? Of the binary holes rotational velocity? Something else? And what does that translate into as a percentage of c or kps?

On a different note - you could probably use this same basic idea to extract energy from the BH(s) and power an orbiting habitat. In fact, that would probably be easier since the hab would be in a predictable orbit instead of moving at high speed on some trajectory and accelerating. You could also position a hab so that issues with the laser encountering the accretion disk or similar things could be minimized or avoided (or at least predicted).


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