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Any suggestions on how to find the latest on anti-aging or rejuvenation research? (I mean serious efforts, not cosmetic wrinkle removers.) My pathetically weak Google skills have led me into a bunch of blind alleys so far, and precious little actual data.
I'm not sure how 'latest' the information is, but this page contains an overview of a lot of anti-aging information, a variety of links to related information, and quite a few references at the end. Some of what it contains are mentions of organizations and individuals who are researching or promoting anti-aging. Taken together, it will hopefully give you some useful starting points and resources.

Hope this helps,

Thank you. Yes, WP was my first stop on the path. It's not cutting edge, being usually about half a dozen edit wars behind, but it's somewhere.
Anyone have an idea where I can find good, up to date sources, not filtered through the distorting lens of pop-sci and headlines?

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