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Qubit sent back in time?
Did a bit of googling. My interpretation is, despite the headlines, that Gordey Lesovik says that it's very unlikely to be true in the real world. (Though that conclusion seems to be often buried among the final lines of many of the pop-sci stories. It's less spectacular than the tale of REAL TIME TRAVEL!!!!!1!)

“If one spent the entire lifetime of the universe – 13.7 billion years – observing 10 billion freshly localised electrons every second, the reverse evolution of the particle's state would only happen once,” they write. “And even then, the electron would travel no more than a mere one ten-billionth of a second into the past."

So it seems these time hopping electrons that may or may not exist would be massively and impractically difficult to detect if they did, and have no practical application if they do.

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