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Teegarden's Star and its two planet candidates
Got the news from OA's Facebook page. Apparently, there might be two Earth-massed worlds orbiting around the star. The first one orbits in 4.91 days, and the second one 11.4 days. Both planets' minimum masses are 1.1 Earths.

Considering the star, it probably didn't have enough material in the disk at where both planets orbit, so they (or their material) would have to migrate from the outer system, like TRAPPIST-1's seven known planets. It is probably equally likely that Teegarden b is a rocky planet or an ocean planet, but Teegarden c is most likely an ocean planet, AKA a planet covered by tens, or even hundreds of kilometers of water.

For Orion's Arm, I can already hear Rynn saying 'no' to terraformation, so we should go for something else. Creative ideas welcomed Smile

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Teegarden's Star and its two planet candidates - by The Astronomer - 06-18-2019, 10:02 PM

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