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Teegarden's Star and its two planet candidates
(06-19-2019, 12:26 PM)sandcastles Wrote: I'd like to look for another star for the planet I posited.
Whats the closest the two planets come to each other?   I was thinking of a long cylindrical habitat which orbits between the two planets, transporting visitors and cargo from one planet to the other.

I don't think orbital mechanics would allow such a structure to work. Everything is moving in a different orbit and orbital velocity - so planets or habs could be relatively close to each other for part of each year - but they couldn't hold position relative to each other. And interplanetary distances are too great for anything made of conventional matter to bridge them.

(06-19-2019, 12:26 PM)sandcastles Wrote: And maybe the microorganisms in the water world oceans have some strange, unexpected effect on one or more of the AIs living there--it might be something the AIs allow/tolerate.  Maybe an AI absorbs some and is altered somehow.

A cybernetic AI wouldn't be effected by micro-organisms. Or would have systems to remove/kill any such that could effect it. Maybe the AI could be biological. However, what 'alteration' are you proposing that would fall within OA Canon? And what could any living organism do to or for a Terragen AI that it couldn't just do some other way?


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