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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
I made this thread to list the systems in Orion's Arm I come across where real-world discoveries have found additional celestial bodies/structures in them. Mentioning other planets in the system might be useful for when somebody wants to write more about the system, and also for the characterization of the spotlighted planet itself...

Within 50 light-years of Sol
82 G. Eridani - Contains Terranova
EG article
Wikipedia article
The article lists three real planets of b, c (unconfirmed), d, and two apparently fictional planets of Terranova and another one. Real-world discover have since found planet e, f (unconfirmed), and g (unconfirmed). The planet f, at 10 Earth masses, nicely occupies the habitable zone, so, taking its name into account, Terranova has to be turned into a Mars-size Arean/Hermean trojan planet (as to not exceed the mass limit of stable trojan planets, said to be 1/25 in the Wikipedia and 2.74% by a paper found by radtech, posted on Discord).

HR 8832 / Gliese 892 - Contains Uoagranyu
EG article
Wikipedia article
Contains 5 confirmed planets and 2 unconfirmed planets, none in the star's habitable zone, so feel free to put Uoagranyu at 0.5 AU.

Nu2 Lupi - Contains NewRoot
EG article
Wikipedia article
In real life, three super-Earths orbit the star in close orbit. In Orion's Arm Universe, all of them has been dissembled. Kudos to whoever wrote this Big Grin

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