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Lalande 21185, with a planet named Hormizd
(11-29-2019, 03:47 AM)stevebowers Wrote: Lalande 21185, with a planet named Hormizd

I suggest we merge Lalande 21185 page with New L4. The planets in this system could be named after asteroids in Sol-Jupiter L4. As for Hormizd, let's use that elsewhere. We have no shortage of nearby red dwarf planets, anyways Smile
I'll merge the articles, but Hormizd can stay. It is based on a real planet
I expect that 'New L4' is a name for a swarm of asteroid settlements in the Lalande/Hormizd L4 position.
(11-29-2019, 06:18 PM)stevebowers Wrote: I'll merge the articles, but Hormizd can stay. It is based on a real planet

Yeah, but the name doesn't really fit the system name. This is a great chance to name something non-Earth as well (Jovian in this case). I mentioned about the proposal before in the Discord DM...

I propose we name this planet Achilles.
Okay, that seems reasonable. The New L4 designation seems to apply to a group of asteroids at the L4 location, so we can call those New Paris, New Hector and so on.
I've merged the New L4 article with the Lalande 21185 article now, and added a new image.

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Nice image! One of your best space colonies yetBig Grin

Thanks! It is a standard O'Neill colony: I simply made a model of the structure as O'Neill described it. Normally I reinterpret them somewhat, but this one is pretty unembellished.
The giant planet mentioned to be orbiting around VB 10 / Gliese 752 B doesn't appear to exist. There, however, is a planet around its companion, Gliese 752 A. This system is not on my main focus right now, but I think it's a good idea to inform.

Gliese 752 Ab
Semi-major axis: 0.3357 AU
Orbital period: 105.90 days
Eccentricity: 0.16
Minimum mass: 12.2 Earths
Paper submitted 3 Aug 2018

Notably, this planet's eccentricity brings it in and out of the star's habitable zone. I suggest we don't put any terraformable moon here though.
The Perpetua projects can be relocated to Gl752Ab. The important thing is having the potential resources to build infrastructure.

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