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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
I have examined all pages under topic Inner Sphere and found 5 problematic systems requiring edition.

1. Pi Mensae (Alauda):
1 new planet without change existing.
b: 4.82 mearth, 2.042 rearth, 0.06839 AU, SubNeptunian Sulfidian;

2. Gliese 676 (HIP 85647, Dante):
A totally different system is found with 4 planets.
d: >4.4 mearth, 0.0413 AU, SuperTerrestrial Chloridian Hephaestian;
e: >11.5 mearth, 0.187 AU, MesoNeptunian Acidian;
b: >6.7 mjupiter, 1.80 AU, SuperJovian Ammonian;
c: ~6.8 mjupiter, 5.2 AU, SuperJovian Cryoazurian;
The two hypothetical planets are impossible to remain unchanged. My suggestion is move Dante outer to ~0.25 AU to avoid planet e, and since no giant planet is likely to exist and avoid detection between b and c, the name Beatrice (3.2 AU) could be regiven to b or c.

3. Hamal (Alpha Arietis, Gatewai):
1 new planet without change existing.
b: >1.8 mjupiter, 1.2 AU, MesoJovian Chloridian;

4. Gliese 581:
Planet d is confirmed but missing, and colors of some planets need edition.
e (Gules): Very high pos., >1.7 mearth, 0.02815 AU, MesoTerrestrial Mesoazurian Cytherian;
b (Vert): Very high pos., >15.8 mearth, 0.04061 AU, MesoNeptunian Mesoazurian;
c (Argent): Very high pos., >5.5 mearth, 0.0721 AU, SubNeptunian Acidian;
g (Zarmina): Medium pos., >2.2 mearth, 0.146 AU, MesoTerrestrial Aquean Gaian;
d: High pos., 6.98 mearth, 0.21847 AU, SubNeptunian Aquean;
f: Low pos., >7.0 mearth, 0.758 AU, SubNeptunian Ammonian;
h (Azure): Low pos., ~20.4 mearth, 22.109 AU, MesoNeptunian Neonian;

5. Nu2 Lupi (Newroot):
3 planets are found in close orbit.
b: >5.28 mearth, 0.0933 AU, SuperTerrestrial Sulfidian Hephaestian;
c: >11.38 mearth, 0.1665 AU, MesoNeptunian Chloridian;
d: >9.59 mearth, 0.411 AU, SubNeptunian Acidian;
Most of existing article can remain. The number of inner planets mined to construct The System Grid will increase from 2 to 3, or one planet can remain for other use. Although these planets are totally destructed, they are still notable in EG.

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