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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
(04-29-2020, 08:37 PM)QuantumJack1 Wrote: I have examined all pages under topic Inner Sphere and found 5 problematic systems requiring edition.

1. Pi Mensae (Alauda):
1 new planet without change existing.
b: 4.82 mearth, 2.042 rearth, 0.06839 AU, SubNeptunian Sulfidian;

2. Gliese 676 (HIP 85647, Dante):
A totally different system is found with 4 planets.
d: >4.4 mearth, 0.0413 AU, SuperTerrestrial Chloridian Hephaestian;
e: >11.5 mearth, 0.187 AU, MesoNeptunian Acidian;
b: >6.7 mjupiter, 1.80 AU, SuperJovian Ammonian;
c: ~6.8 mjupiter, 5.2 AU, SuperJovian Cryoazurian;
The two hypothetical planets are impossible to remain unchanged. My suggestion is move Dante outer to ~0.25 AU to avoid planet e, and since no giant planet is likely to exist and avoid detection between b and c, the name Beatrice (3.2 AU) could be regiven to b or c.

3. Hamal (Alpha Arietis, Gatewai):
1 new planet without change existing.
b: >1.8 mjupiter, 1.2 AU, MesoJovian Chloridian;

4. Gliese 581:
Planet d is confirmed but missing, and colors of some planets need edition.
e (Gules): Very high pos., >1.7 mearth, 0.02815 AU, MesoTerrestrial Mesoazurian Cytherian;
b (Vert): Very high pos., >15.8 mearth, 0.04061 AU, MesoNeptunian Mesoazurian;
c (Argent): Very high pos., >5.5 mearth, 0.0721 AU, SubNeptunian Acidian;
g (Zarmina): Medium pos., >2.2 mearth, 0.146 AU, MesoTerrestrial Aquean Gaian;
d: High pos., 6.98 mearth, 0.21847 AU, SubNeptunian Aquean;
f: Low pos., >7.0 mearth, 0.758 AU, SubNeptunian Ammonian;
h (Azure): Low pos., ~20.4 mearth, 22.109 AU, MesoNeptunian Neonian;

5. Nu2 Lupi (Newroot):
3 planets are found in close orbit.
b: >5.28 mearth, 0.0933 AU, SuperTerrestrial Sulfidian Hephaestian;
c: >11.38 mearth, 0.1665 AU, MesoNeptunian Chloridian;
d: >9.59 mearth, 0.411 AU, SubNeptunian Acidian;
Most of existing article can remain. The number of inner planets mined to construct The System Grid will increase from 2 to 3, or one planet can remain for other use. Although these planets are totally destructed, they are still notable in EG.

Pi Mensae: No problem here, just add planet c. I think we should give the star and its planets some names. Any idea?

Gliese 676: I already have some plans for Gliese 676 system. Following the naming convention, the star and the planets can be named Alighieri (star A), Lucifer (Ad), Saint Lucy (Ae), (Dante is located here), Beatrice (Ab), and Virgil (Ac). The companion star could be Boccaccio.

Alpha Arietis (Hamal): I think we should do away with the terraformed planet, and the name Gatewai can be applied to the gas giant.

Gliese 581: Link to debate.

Nu2 Lupi: We can certainly add mentions of them, but they have already been disassembled.

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