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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
A few days ago, I found a paper measuring 82 Eridani's debris disk's inclination, yielding a result of 50 degrees. Assuming that the planets are aligned with this disk, which is likely, this would mean the known planets in this system would actually be roughly 31% more massive than their minimum mass.

Here are the 82 Eridani's planets' true mass (in Earth masses) based on the inclination of the debris disk (also with correct designations, in order of distance from primary):

f: 1.34 (likely rocky)
b: 3.68 (likely volatile-rich)
g: 3.29 (likely volatile-rich)
c: 4.60 (likely volatile-rich)
d: 6.23 (likely gas-rich)
e: 13.39 (Neptunian)

Terranova should still be a Mars-size world.

The paper also looks at HD 38858, 50 light-years away from Sol, whose sole known planet's minimum mass is twice Neptune's mass and orbit in a moderately eccentric path at roughly 1 AU.

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