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Exoplanet Discoveries and Updates
New, low-noise RV measurements of Proxima, home to two known planets, has been obtained from the ESPRESSO spectrograph, confirming the presence of Proxima b as well as detecting a second signal with a period of 5.15 days and semi-amplitude of 40 cm/s. If the signal is caused by a planet companion, the signal would correspond to a planet with a minimum mass of 0.29 Earths and a semi-major axis of 0.029 AU.


Proxima's third planet candidate
Semi-major axis: 0.029 AU (calculated by myself, using 0.1221 solar masses for star mass)
Orbital period: 5.15 days
Minimum mass: 0.29 Earth masses
Mass (assuming the same inclination as Proxima c's): 0.62 Earth masses

The paper also revised Proxima b's mass, yielding a minimum mass of 1.173 Earth masses. Including inclination (again, assuming the same inclination as c), Proxima b's likely true mass is roughly 2.5 Earth masses.

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